Karon and Company's Poolside Spa Salon
Karon and Company's Poolside Spa Salon

A tropical oasis in the center of town nestled away from high traffic; behind a fenced in area you will find a lush garden and pool open to the guest at Karon and Company Poolside Spa Salon. The perfect place for a day away from it all! The Poolside Spa Salon is a totally new concept. We provide all phases of hair care and specializing in hair color and corrective color. Skincare, waxing, massage therapy, body treatments and nail care are also on our service menu. One of the more popular features at KCPSS is the outdoor facility. A natural environment that creates a secret paradise and allows the guest a reflective break from their day. This area is ideal for lunch with a friend, a private party or a corporate function. Not your typical Spa Salon.

Recently relocated and reinvented Karon and Company is now a Poolside Spa Salon. The new Spa Salon is located just across town from the former location. None of the existing clients were inconvenienced. They were thrilled about the move and couldn’t wait to see the new space.

Now 824 South 7th. Street in Mayfield, KY is the new address for Karon and Company Poolside Spa Salon (the one way street side of Mayfield Middle School). Actually 824, is the residence. A pool house that sits just off the street, next door to the residence, has been converted into the new Karon and Company Poolside Spa Salon. Making the most of the small space was a fun project, but there were a few issues with the move and the new space. Being in a residential area, new zoning was necessary, but over all the challenges were minimal and the outcome a success. After several months of planning and construction. Karon and Company Poolside Spa Salon opened in August 2006.

SPECIAL PROMOTIONS: Destination Relaxation

A promotional event to help the Susan G. Koeman Breast Foundation.

ELECTRIC 96.9 has created an opportunity to spotlight several services in the area.

The promotion will highlight businesses that promote relaxation and well being. Listeners will have the opportunity to purchase gift certificates at ½ the face value. This is a great value for the listener and 96.9 are donating 10% of all proceeds to the Susan G. Koeman Breast Foundation.

Karon and Company's Poolside Spa Salon is pleased to take part in this event. We know it will be a success!

Email: karon@karonandco.com
Address: 824 South 7th. Street, Mayfield, KY
Telephone: 270-247-7900

Business Hours: Tuesday-Friday 8AM-5PM after 5PM by appointment and Saturdays 7AM until 12PM. Calls are accepted 7 days per week 7AM to 7PM for your scheduling and reservation needs.
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